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Bringing together millionaire entrepreneurs who want to experience the bad ass adventures that life has to offer.


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GoBundance Spartan Race Team

Various Cities


GoBundance Fall Adventure & Mastermind

Lake Oconee, GA
October 16th - October 18th, 2023

October 19th - Travel Day


Champions Fall Adventure & Mastermind - Waitlisted

Lake Oconee, GA

October 18th - October 20th, 2023

Champion registration is SEPARATE from Elite


GoldBundance Costa Rica Couples Trip

Quepos - Manuel Antonio Costa Rica
October 28th -  Nov 4th, 2023


Oregon Regional Mastermind

November 1st - 3rd, 2023
The Oxford Hotel


Goal Setting Workshop

Led by Matt King & Aaron West

November 6th - 7th, 2023
Plunge - Home Office


Mid Life Entrepreneur Mastermind

November 8th - 12th, 2023
Dominican Republic


Utah - Slot Canyons & Waterfalls

(Elite & Champions)

November 9th - November 13th, 2023


Champion Dallas Regional Mastermind

Hotel ZaZa Dallas Uptown
November 13th - November 14th, 2023


NYC Local Mastermind w/ Matt King

November 17th, 2023


Champions Holiday Conference

December 6th - December 8th, 2023
Austin, TX

Costa Rica Surf & Mastermind Powered by Member Dustin Baldwin

December 6th - December 12th, 2023
Villa Concha, Tamarindo Costa Rica


M&A Workshop

December 13th - 14th, 2023
Hotel Viata

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Gobundance Young Adult Retreat

January 12 - 15


FamBundance Reunion

January 26th - January 28th, 2024


Gobundance Winter Adventure and Mastermind

January 29th - January 31st, 2024

February 1st - Travel Day




Champions Winter Adventure and Mastermind

January 31st - February 1st, 2024

Champion registration is SEPARATE from Elite

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Gobundance Gives

2024 Guatemala Adventure

February 16th - February 24th, 2024


Northern California Local Mastermind

Led by Matt King

February 28 | 2pm - 5pm + Dinner


Arizona Local Mastermind

Led by Matt King

February 29 | 9am - 12pm + Lunch
Venue TBD



February (Dates TBD)
Austin, TX


Florida Regional Mastermind

March 7 - 10
Orlando, FL


Missouri Local Mastermind

Led by Matt King

March 26 | 3pm - 6pm + Dinner
Kansas City (Venue TBD)


The Aerial BVI Couples Adventure

March 11th - March 15th, 2024
British Virgin Islands


Dallas Local Mastermind

Led by Matt King

March 27 | 9am - 12pm + Lunch
(Venue TBD)


Gobundance Austin Entrepreneurial Summit

April/May (Dates TBD)
Austin, TX



May (Dates TBD)
Austin, TX


Georgia Local Mastermind

Led by Matt King

May 7 | 12pm lunch + 1 - 4pm meeting
Atlanta, GA


Louisiana Local Mastermind

Led by Matt King

May 8 | 10 - 1pm + Lunch
New Orleans, LA


SoCal Regional Mastermind

May 18 - 19
Los Angeles, CA 


GoSpouses Trip

May 16 - 19
Palm Springs, CA 


Champions Summer Retreat in

the Wild West

June 5 - 7
Saratoga, Wyoming


Midwest Regional Mastermind

July 23 - 25
Madison, WI


Philly Regional Mastermind

September 9 - 10
Location, TBD


Grab Australia Big

October 2024


Gobundance Fall Mastermind & Adventure

October 13th - 16th | October 16th: Travel Day
Scottsdale, AZ


Wondering what a Bad Ass GoBundance Trip would be like?

Take less than 2 minutes to watch this video!


Take a second to imagine....

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro; surfing the waves in Southern California; skiing the snow crusted mountains of Colorado; Heli-skiing the Canadian Rockies. These are all experiences that GoBundance offers as once-in-a-lifetime Bucket List adventures to its tribe members.
These locations not only fulfill our Grab Life Big philosophy, but they provide the perfect backdrop to go deep with fellow members and expand your life’s network.
On our Bucket List Trips and Mastermind Adventures, you connect with highly successful entrepreneurs who build brotherhood and share their mindset, key life and business lessons, and personal growth practices that constantly improve their lives.

See what others are saying about GoBundance Trips

"Sometimes you've got to get yourself around people that can imagine with you where you're going. I call that my "imagine when" tribe. GoBundance gives me the chance to get around people that can see the future version of me as I see the future version of me and then even more importantly, hold me accountable to getting to that level."

Jamie Gruber, GoBundance Elite Member

"Being surrounded by a group of compassionate go-getters who are constantly trying to improve each other without being arrogant is a tough ask. We manage to do that and bring in speakers that are the same. Good luck finding what we have elsewhere! I try to participate in every event because the community we have is second to none. I grow every time I’m with these guys."

Adam La Barr, GoBundance Elite Member

"I could see what it could cost, but not what it could give. And I gave it a year, and now it's a no-brainer to be part of it because it really paid for itself in the first three weeks of being in the group...just give it a year and see where it takes you. It's probably going to take you further in areas that you wouldn't have expected."

Nick Johnson, GoBundance Elite Member

"I would describe an in person GoBundance event as just like an accelerated version of everything else. I mean, you're going to take all the connections that you get through all the other avenues and just 10x in this short period of time, meeting tons of guys and even guys that I've interacted with."

Mark Cermak, GoBundance Elite Member
"Until January 2017, my family and I led a 'normal' middle class existence. Upon discovering GoBundance,  I began realizing that there's a different way of living life.
My family and I have now traveled approximately 4.5 months out of each year since. We pulled our kids out of school to make sure that we create these memories together, and we have visited quite a few epic destinations. To name a few: Mykonos, Prague, Tokyo, Portugal, Romania, Poland, Paris, London...
All this while killing it in business making record profits."
Kamil Maras, GoBundance Member

"The first day within 10 minutes, I got a piece of information that paid for the entire trip and changed my approach to my investing strategies!"

Mario Mazzamuto, Best selling author, Real Estate Investor, Certified High Performance Coach

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