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"Your destiny is shaped by those around you" - Tribe of Millionaires

As driven Entrepreneurs, CEOs, or Investors, we begin to experience an interesting phenomenon as we become more successful. We begin feeling a gap forming between ourselves and many of the people around us. One day we wake up and find ourselves surrounded by people who may no longer see the world the same way we do.

As the trend continues, we become more isolated and even find ourselves holding back from talking about the things we are most excited about with those around us.

GoBundance was created for men who choose to live bigger and more fulfilled lives of impact. This tribe is for men who want to experience world class adventure, bucket list trips, high minded conversations,  authentic relationships, and an environment to learn and grow with like-minded men! 

GoBundance is a tribe where you are able to share all your successes, struggles, ambitions, and failures without being judged. It's a framework to strengthen your journey in becoming a better man, husband, father, friend, and entrepreneur. It's the place men come together to live EPIC lives! 


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GoBundance Trips are custom designed events to heighten your sense of adventure, confidence, and fun, while thinking bigger and building authentic relationships. Join us and learn what it feels like to become fully alive again on one of our epic trips. 


GoBundance Memberships are designed to elevate the lives of driven men who choose to lead epic lives. These memberships are based on the 6 Pillars of GoBundance and are crafted to elevate your life in multiple key areas.  


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What Can Your Life Become Within A Tribe of Millionaire Entrepreneurs?


“If you are part of this group, you are part of a great organization. Go GoBundance!!”

-Robert Kiyosaki, New York Times Best Selling Author of Rich Dad Poor Dad

“Being a football player and not really spending time or having an education on how money works and “how money can work for me”, it's been amazing the amount of information I was able to get from my GoBundance Brothers this week. I’ve learned that horizontal income beats vertical income all day long!”

– Ricky Williams, GoBundance Brother #9, Heisman Trophy Winner, 12-year NFL player

“What a great idea GoBundance is! It’s been great to get to know all of you and thank you for hosting me as the keynote for such an amazing event!”

-Robert Herjavec, Founder of The Herjavec Group, Star of ABC’s Shark Tank

“WOW – I’ve been to TONS of Masterminds & CEO events – and this one blew me away. The group was top notch. Their vulnerability and willingness to share & hold each other accountable was exceptional. And their format of doing activities during the day and business at night totally leverages career / life balance in such a unique way. I had to become a member too.”

-Cameron Herold, GoBundance Brother #188, Best Selling Author of Double Double & Meetings Suck


"GoBundance will open your eyes to the hidden forces that are determining your life.”

-Rob Dial, Founder of MWF Motivation Podcast

"With the help of GoBundance, I’ve gone from saying and believing that the caliber and quality of my circle of influence is the most important thing in my world to actually aligning my life with that philosophy. Because of it, my business and my life have flourished. If you’ve struggled to make change, or it seems like you’ve done everything right and something still seems wrong, my bet is that you’re disconnected from the fundamental truth that who you surround yourself with determines your future. Your opportunity to rediscover that truth—and change your life—lies in this remarkable tribe."
- Hal Elrod, International Bestselling authorThe Miracle Morning and The Miracle Equation


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