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What is GoBundance?

GoBundance is a high-level mastermind group and supportive tribe for successful men who want to Grab Life Big!

GoBundance is where you are able to share all your successes, struggles, ambitions, and failures without being judged. It's a framework to strengthen your journey in becoming a better man, husband, father, friend, and entrepreneur. It's the place men come together to live EPIC lives! 

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The History of GoBundance



David Osborn and Pat Hiban meet at a Dr. Fred Grosse Conference.  A friendly competition ensued on horizontal income and hours worked.



At Bob Bohlen’s Money Matters Conference in Chicago, David and Pat meet Tim Rhode.



David, Pat and Tim form an accountability group called The Three Amigos while on a trip in Steamboat Springs. The purpose was to create a structure to help plan, execute, and achieve financial and lifestyle goals.



In addition to creating a support system, The Three Amigos take yearly trips around the world to places like: Downieville, Appalachian Trail, Mount Kilimanjaro, Slovenia, & Mount Whitney



The beginning was drawn up on a bar napkin. Creating a Tribe of individuals who want to make the most out of life and Grab Life Big.



GoBundance takes its 1st Bucket List International Trip, and new members are added to the Tribe.



The framework was laid for the foundation of GoBundance! Rock Thomas is announced as Chief Visionary Officer, the 1st Winter Tribal Gathering is held (15 Attendees). Great new locations are added for future trips!



GoBundance hosts the 2nd Annual Winter Tribal Gathering in Lake Tahoe (34 Attendees), takes its 2nd Bucket List International Trip to Austria & Germany. The 1st paid members are accepted into the Tribe to reach a total of 49 Members.


Mike McCarthy is named the new CEO of GoBundance and Melanie Andreetta takes the lead on Operations. The 3rd Annual Winter Tribal Summit is held in Lake Tahoe with keynote speaker and guest Robert Kiyosaki (110 Attendees). The Tribe heads to Machu Picchu -Peru for the 3rd International Bucket List Trip and 5 other trips take place. The tribe grows to 74 Members.  



GoBundance launches GoPods for members, Hosts the 4th Annual Winter Tribal Gathering in Lake Tahoe with keynote speaker and guest Robert Herjavec (135  Attendees). The 4th International Bucket List Trip headed to Vietnam, and the Tribe grows to 112 Members.  



GoBundance undergoes a redesign in vision fueled by the members and facilitated by Jon Berghoff at the 5th Annual Winter Tribal Gathering in Whistler BC (140 Attendees). The 1st Summer Tribal Gathering is held in Austin TX, David Osborn launches the GoBundance Champions Group for the top net worth members in the Tribe,  FamBundance is formed to pour into and develop entrepreneurial families, GoWives is formed, the Tribe heads to South Africa on the 5th International Bucket List Trip ,and the tribe grows to 153 Members


GoBundance begins to focus on the formation of local chapters. The official GB APP is launched, improving access to information and the connection of the tribe. The 6th Annual Winter Tribal Gathering is held in Steamboat Springs (152 Attendees). The 5th International Bucket List Trip was held in Japan, FamBundance launched the 1st International trip to Iceland. The Tribe continues to strengthen and grows to 184 Members



With an increased focus on serving the tribe; Mike McCarthy steps up to the Operating Partner role to focus on development and Dirk van Reenen steps in as interim CEO. GoBundance launches a new digital platform with improved tools, member connectivity, niche training, and deal flow. The 7th Annual Winter Tribal Gathering held in Breckenridge CO with multiple speakers & trainers including JP Sears and Sean Stephenson (175 Attendees). The 6th International Bucket List Trip is set to take place in Patagonia in October. 2019 Also features the most robust calendar of Epic Adventures for GoBundance, GoWives, GoCouples, and Fambundance yet.


There has never been a year quite like 2020. Although we were stuck indoors, the GoBros found new ways to connect, and the virtual programming offered to the Tribe exploded. Chris Ryan joined the Tribe as the new CEO, and increased the value of the GoBundance Tribe. In 2020 alone, GoBundance added 134 GoBros, making the Tribe 381 strong. The 4th Annual Summer Adventure & Mastermind was held in Breckenridge, CO.



2021 was a huge year for GoBundance, as the Tribe grew by 294 new GoBros. A new member-only platform was unveiled that gave GoBros the access to create fun challenges, invest in featured deals, watch all GoBundance call recordings, and much more! The success of our Winter Adventure & Mastermind in Lake Tahoe and Summer Adventure & Mastermind in Steamboat Springs led to the expansion of GoBundance events, trips, and conferences in 2022. GoBundance also caught the attention of some larger companies, and created partnerships with American Airlines, Spartan Races, & Worth Magazine.



In 2022 GoBundance grew by over 450 members who poured into the community to create massive improvements and enhancements to the tribe. One of those efforts was creating the Tribal Council. A group of veteran members and leaders in the community who join together to hold our members and leadership accountable around the 6 pillars of the tribe. GoBundance also named Matt King as the new CEO. Matt leads by example and dedicates to providing as much value back to the members as possible.


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Who is GoBundance?

The Elders

David Osborn

David returned home to Austin, Texas, broke and unemployed at the age of 26. David began his entrepreneurial journey in the real estate market. The result was nothing short of remarkable. Within 10 years, David built one of the top real estate brokerages in the world. Above all else, the inherent freedom derived from his success affords him the time to focus on the important things in his life: being a father to two beloved daughters, a son, and husband to the lovely Traci Osborn. Today, he is still seeking adventure and continually challenges himself to grow in his personal and business life.

Pat Hiban

Labeled as learning disabled at age 8, his journey to success as a semi-retired New York Times International Best Selling Author of 6 Steps to 7 Figures, radio show host, entrepreneur, and billion-dollar real estate agent was driven by his desire to make a difference in the lives of others.

"I started at the bottom, learning every aspect of real estate and in 2011, earned the #1 agent in the world ranking from 2 major real estate companies." He says all that not to brag, but to tell you that anything is possible when your drive is strong enough and your hunger for learning is present.

Tim Rhode

Tim Rhode, the creative force behind 1lifefullylived.org is a rare individual who “walks the walk” of what he teaches. Tim came from a very humble background, growing up in a blue collar family in a blue collar town. Although he barely graduated high school and never attended any college, Tim went on to dream, plan, and create his own “magnificent life”.   Having gotten off to a slow start in life, and then finding his way to such a great life, has inspired Tim to help others find their own paths earlier in life. Tim is totally committed to helping kids plan their future, as well as becoming a force to help change the ways children are taught in our schools. Tim understands he has lived a blessed life and wants to spend his senior years helping young folks (of all ages) dream, plan, and implement their own “magnificent future”.

Mike McCarthy

Mike McCarthy is an entrepreneur, speaker, the author of Miracle Morning for Parents and Family, and the founder of FamBundance, a family mastermind community that creates multi-generational personal development opportunities for like-hearted and like-minded families. He is also the Regional Owner of the Keller Williams Greater PA Region, with 50 offices, 8.5K agents and closed over 52K units last year for $2.8 billion; Co-founder and former CEO of GoBundance; and with Jon Berghoff, a lead LEAF Certified Appreciative Inquiry Facilitator, which designs and delivers high level group collaborations in high stake scenarios.


The Organizational Team

Matt King


[email protected]

Husband. Father. Brother. Son. Friend. Matt King is an entrepreneur and operations executive with over a decade of experience building and scaling firms across a number of industries including finance, real estate and retail. Never afraid to jump-in and get his hands dirty, Matt enjoys building high performing teams that lift each other up. He currently serves as the CEO of Gobundance, a high-level entrepreneurial group, as well as spinoff company Gobundance Champions. In addition to Gobundance, Matt has spent years overseeing DRO Investments, where he is in charge of multiple portfolio companies, executing investment decisions and planning and implementing a variety of personal and business functions including complex tax and estate planning.  Matt loves to achieve success through building incredible teams and putting in place organizational structures that are designed to outperform the competition. When he is not working, Matt enjoys spending time with his wife Melissa, daughter Rylan and son Bodhi, traveling and playing golf.



Shaunna Hatcher


[email protected]

Shaunna Hatcher is an impactful and inspirational leader. Her power to get things done, coupled with an unyielding belief that every challenge has a solution, has paved the way for her consistent promotions and achievements throughout her professional journey. With 20 years of experience and a background in hospitality, she swiftly rose through the ranks, reaching the role of Chief Financial Officer. With an unwavering focus on success, Shaunna utilizes her financial and operational acumen to guide and strategize for the company's growth. As the COO of Gobundance, she brings her passion and expertise to create transformative experiences for its members. Beyond work, she cherishes family time, friendships, and the ocean, embracing life with appreciation.



Stephanie Brackett

VP of Operations

[email protected]

Stephanie Brackett is the VP of operations for Gobundance. Her specialty is the building and adoption of systems. She has spent her life in administration, starting with a 15-year career with the largest home improvement retailer serving in positions from Information Systems Coordinator, to Store Operations Manager to Divisional Administrator. Prior to joining Matt King and David Osborn, she was the COO of the largest team in Eastern Idaho for over 10 years. She helped build the team from a small team of 4 to 44 people that closed over 700 homes in 2021. She owns 2 small businesses with her daughter Haley and does operational coaching and training nationwide.



Elizabeth Santiago

Director of Marketing

[email protected]

Elizabeth is our Director of Marketing at Gobundance. She is responsible for developing the company’s marketing strategy, brand management and overseeing our internal marketing team. Elizabeth is focused on driving the company vision and accelerating our brand recognition by using creativity and innovation to develop dynamic marketing campaigns. Her goal is to continuously develop new content and systems that delivers a high quality experience for all members of Gobundance. Outside of work Elizabeth enjoys being outside in nature, spending time with her family and just having fun!



Kelley Prosser

Director of Events

[email protected]

Kelley is our Director of Events. She oversees the day-to-day operations of our events such as Main Events, Regional Masterminds, Local Masterminds led by Matt King, Workshops and much more. Kelley hopes to establish an environment for members to connect in person and create a memorable experience of masterminding and adventure for all. Execution beyond expectations is her top priority in all aspects of Gobundance. In her spare time, Kelley enjoys working out, reading, hiking, finding new dinner spots, and spending time with her husband and daughters.



Carina Carusone

Event Coordinator

[email protected]

Carina is our Events Coordinator. She is responsible for planning and executing GoBundance events for our members. Her goal is to create unique, adventurous experiences that foster growth and connection. Outside of work, she enjoys working out, traveling, cooking new recipes, and spending time with family and friends.



Yeng Marcelo

Accounting Assistant

[email protected]

Yeng helps in managing and implementing systems and processes for the operation of GoBundance. Her goal is to continuously provide assistance to the team and the members for a more collaborative experience. Yeng lives in the Philippines where she enjoys taking care of her cats and spending time with her family and friends.



Hayma Hamid

Creative Assistant

[email protected]

Hayma supports GoBundance Marketing in organizing various projects, creating marketing materials and performing administrative tasks. Ultimately, her goal is to help GoBundance achieve the business goals through building strong marketing campaigns. Hayma lives in the Philippines where she enjoys the weather and outside of work, she loves to hike, spelunking  and edit pictures for fun.



Ivonne Salazar

Director of Programs

[email protected]

Ivonne is our Membership Director. She ensures processes are being followed to ensure a seamless membership experience. She maintains all information systems and assists in the development and implementation of membership programs and activities. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with family, reading, cooking, and traveling.



Micah Eunice Palculan


[email protected]

Micah assists in the daily bookkeeping and accounting processes, and helps making sure the company's books and financial records are accurate and up to date. Outside work, she watches tv series, plays with her pet, cooks delicious Filipino dishes, spends quality time with family, and definitely loves visiting beautiful beaches in the Philippines.



Ysa Iturralde

Programs Assistant

[email protected]

Ysa's ultimate goal is to provide excellent experience both to the GoBundance team and members through strong engagement and support to administrative operations.  Ysa lives in the Philippines and loves spending quality time with her daughter.  



Tammy Vo

Member Concierge

[email protected]

Tammy is responsible for the Elite New Member On-Boarding Calls. She will ensure that new members are able to utilize the full potential and opportunities offered within their Gobundance memberships. Making new members feel warmly welcomed is her top priority. She is seeking to create a beneficial relationship with all members in order for them to reach their own personal goals. Tammy is San Diego State University Alumni who enjoys rock climbing, hiking, and exploring the outdoors.



Renz Lopez

Membership Assistant

[email protected]

Renz is responsible to help, guide and support new and existing members to have a good and positive picture of what they can experience in the tribe. Renz loves to cook, watch movies and enjoys coffee while enjoying the beautiful sceneries and having a meaningful conversation.



Reina Arenal

Membership Assistant

[email protected]

Reina is our administrative assistant. She provides support with our sales team leads, manage trackers and other leads processes. Her goal is to work closely with our membership coordinator and sales agents to assist them with their daily operations. Outside of work, she loves to spend time with her family, puppies and friends.



Leah Jane Gragas

Programs Assistant

[email protected]

Leah handles tasks for Gobundance Tribe Wide Calls and provides administrative support to our operations team. Her goal is to be a valued Gobundance team member by contributing to the growth and development of the organization. Outside of work, Leah loves to travel, hiking and enjoys being a youth leader at their church in the Philippines.



Josh Englin

Member Concierge

[email protected]

Josh is responsible for Member On-Boarding Calls which provide information and support that will enhance the Gobundance Membership experience. Some of his hobbies are weight-lifting, downhill skiing, mountain biking and admiring nature. 



Stephanie Shrum-Maves

GoPod Concierge

[email protected]

Stephanie’s main function is to engage with Members regarding GoPods. She is responsible for a combination of serving new Members with GoPod placement, matching current Members with a desirable GoPod, connecting with current GoPods regarding their status and all associated administrative duties. Her goal is to connect Members and provide GoPod resources to ensure they receive the full benefits of Membership and deepen their connection within the Gobundance Community.  Stephanie is a Judson University alum with a background in Senior Living, Wellness/Fitness and Conference Management. She enjoys working out, church activities, adventures with her husband and visiting her parents in her free time.



Mia Woolsey

Member Concierge

[email protected]

Mia is responsible for Elite New Member On-Boarding Calls and also maintaining customer satisfaction with Existing Gobundance Members. Making sure all Members feel welcome, supported and knowledgeable about the benefits of their Gobundance Membership is very important to her. Finding your Tribe and making impactful connections along the way is how we all succeed and Mia is excited to be part of that journey. Mia enjoys spending time with her family, vacationing in Park City, UT and is a certified BUTI Yoga instructor.




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