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The benefits of the FamBundance Community are included with your GoBundance Membership. 

 Family is a core value here - and we want to plug you into an amazing group of individuals that will help you grow your wealth, improve your happiness and create more opportunities for you. We also want to provide the same to your family. 

FamBundance is not something you’ll find in other mastermind groups. We want to offer more development to the leaders of families (you and your spouse) as well as development and experiential opportunities for your children. Our FamBundance conferences and trips are something you can be a part of, making sure that your spouse and kids have a tremendous time connecting and learning, and you are given the tools, resources, education, and access to deepen your intentions as a dad and influence with your families. 

The goal of the organization is to provide you and your family a GoBundance-level and experience in three categories: emotional intelligence, financial intelligence (business and entrepreneurship) and interpersonal intelligence (communication).

We’re sure that this will help you and your kids grow with other like-minded individuals, so they grow up with an immediate network of amazing humans to be friends and business partners!

We just started launching events in new venues that are family friendly, family safe, and offer additional opportunities for fun and connection for both parents and children alike. 

FamBundance is a cornerstone to the pillars and values of GoBundance.  

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Who We Are

FamBundance is the first-of-its-kind family mastermind program.

By focusing on personal growth and development for entrepreneurial families, Fambundance allows your family to acquire endless opportunities, connections and strategies for continuous growth. We help to create experiences that allow families to grow closer, appreciate each other more, and become equipped to carry their family legacy forward!

Why We Do It

The world is calling for stronger, braver, more collaborative communities.

The world’s current systems of equipping kids with the tools and strategies needed to carry a legacy forward are broken and inefficient. We also know that most fortunes are lost within 3 generations of the fortunes being made. At the heart of every community is family. By coming together as a community of families looking to strengthen the family unit, we inevitably make the world a better place, while helping your family to function at its highest, and carry your family legacy forward for generations to come.

Extraordinary Opportunities For Extraordinary Families

What does it mean to be a Fambundance family?

Our families strive for success! They strive to make the best of what is and find the best of what could be.

Family Mastermind
Learning Retreats

When we come together, we're able to learn & grow!

Our Annual Summer and Winter Masterminds allow our families to spend valuable time playing, deepening bonds, and becoming the best families that they can be.

Connections are Key

Creativity thrives when it is given ideas to thrive off of!

Being in FamBundance means becoming connected with families that share your same values for adventure, forward-thinking and becoming the best that you can be. Fambundance provides the opportunity to share and learn with like-minded families - creating more opportunities to learn from each other than ever imaginable before!

Year Round Learning

Our Year-Round FamBundance Program brings you access to multiple modes of learning!
Some of our fantastic programming includes:

  • Accountability pods for every member of the family (including kids and teens!)                             
  • Connect & Share calls that give kids and Next Gen Leaders opportunities to connect!                  
  • Learn & Grow calls with strategic experts, knowledgeable in the fields you want to learn about!
  • Private Facebook communities and Members-Only access to our website                                       

  • What Our Members Are Saying...

    Fambundance is an environment that is very difficult to re-create in our daily lives or with family & friends. I think being vulnerable with people that you know for a fact will not judge, only advise and support is what gives FamBundance a special feature. On this premise, a family touches on and talks about aspects that otherwise would not be brought up.

    - Kamil Maras

    If you’re looking for a way to get on the same page as a family, regardless of the ages of your children, FamBundance was created for you. If you’ve ever thought that your family is one that lives counter-culturally or goes a bit against the grain, then this is for you.

    - The Dailey Family

    This [FamBundance] event was spectacular. Being around other families who are “Grabbing Life Big” and making a huge difference in the world was so incredibly inspiring and powerful. The world would be a different place if more families participated in FamBundance!

    - Liz Faircloth

    Want to Learn More About FamBundance?

    The benefits of the FamBundance Community are included with your GoBundance Membership. 

    To learn more about FamBundance and how to get involved, let us know and we'll send you a sample Family Values Workbook!

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