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Immerse yourself in a network that drives you forward and holds you accountable



You want to grow, transform your life and build passive income...

But the people around you don’t ‘get’ you?


If that’s the case, you are not alone. 

Most entrepreneurs feel alone at some point. And it’s no surprise.
You are more ambitious and committed than your peers. They might not understand why you work hard - why you want more in life.
They don’t get why you choose to work over parties. They don’t understand why working a 9 to 5  job and living in a decently sized home is not enough for you.
And while you might love these people - their lack of understanding creates friction.
But what if there was a tribe full of aspiring and established entrepreneurs -
waiting for you to join?
A tribe of people who get each other and work towards a common goal...
The thing is, it does exist.
But so far, this group of people was only accessible to 7-figure entrepreneurs. It was an elite club, only for those who already made it to a net worth of one million.
But not anymore...

Emerge by GoBundance is now opening its doors to all committed go-getters.


You've heard of GoBundance before.

It's the Tribe of Millionaires.

EMERGE is a web-based training designed to start your journey down the path of being a Whole Life Millionaire.

Emerge is a network of like-minded people who will drive you forward, hold you accountable, and teach you skills for setting and achieving a singular goal in 12 weeks.

Emerge is for committed high achievers like you who know they have potential. All you need is a jump-start to unleash your full potential and become a Whole Life Millionaire. Because it’s not just about having money. Being a millionaire is about having the lifestyle of a millionaire, the environment of a millionaire, the network of a millionaire… In short, the whole life of a millionaire!




Emerge is only Phase 1 of your journey.


The reason we introduced Emerge is people kept asking for it!

We heard from so many entrepreneurs who wanted to join GoBundance but they didn’t meet the requirements. They hustled to make it possible on their own but they asked for more support.

Emerge is for anyone who dreams about joining GoBundance but is still at the beginning of their journey.

After joining Emerge, you’ll get the tools and skills to take control of your life. 

What’s more, after the 12 weeks, you’ll get a chance to be invited to our exclusive mastermind - ASCEND

This is where we get to really do the work to embed skills, accountability, wealth habits, and more to drive you toward being a whole life millionaire! 

But to get invited, we need to see that you are engaged and committed. Complete your weekly assignments and show us that you are serious about your transformation.

Because you have to Emerge before you can Ascend

95% of people fail to achieve their goals. 

There are two reasons why:
  1. We aren’t equipped with the right goal setting tools and strategies. No one ever teaches us how to successfully set and work towards a goal.
  2. Our network. We love our family and friends. But we also know the power of our environment. The people closest to us are usually not qualified to give us advice on how to become successful, or how to work towards what we want. To achieve excellence, we need a tribe of like-minded people who think as we do.


The goal of Emerge is to get you into the top 5%...

Those who achieve their goals.

"Good evening EMERGE! I wanted to reintroduce myself with all of our new family and give a little background on myself. This is the video I posted when I first started Emerge! Since this video, I have quit my job, got my real estate license, attended an intense 6 day Tony Robbins event called Date with Destiny and finally got county approval for a zoning AND land use change for a 9 unit new development project to build affordable housing for veterans! I am focused on all things real estate and am always down to talk shop, deals, strategy, best practices, etc. I want to be hereto support AND learn from all of you as you begin and/or continue your journey through EMERGE! I hope to connect with most of you as we participate, post, and look to network in here. This is a course with an incredible opportunity to network as well. Take advantage of that!"
- Rick Stout
"Guys!!! I freaking did it! This is me getting measurements on my 6th roofing lead I got via referral!! My goal when I started Emerge was 6-8 and I made it! It's amazing what you can accomplish when you have a high definition plan. I'd like to give a big shout out to my AP Oliver Perry. He has to often remind me to just go for it and it hasn't let me down yet. There is always growth from every action. Always maintain motion!"
- Samuel Tate
"The value really is in the camaraderie. It is the little subtle things you get here and there. It is like the first day within 10 minutes I get a piece of information that pay for the entire trip.
GoBundance has specifically change my life because I was a sole entrepreneur, I didn’t know anybody else that in my life or area that was similar to what I was doing, having the same feelings I was having, I couldn’t talk about my accomplishments with anyone without feeling like an fucking asshole. So, really having that camaraderie was the biggest take-away for me."
- Mario Mazzamuto
"Emerge was the catalyst that drove me towards hitting a goal that I wanted for myself for almost a year. Prior to Emerge, I was taking blind action that I assumed would get me towards, and eventually, achieve my goals. The coursework in Emerge taught me that simply taking action is not enough. It's about taking SPECIFIC action that actually moves the needle towards your goal. Emerge taught me to create my vision, and work backwards from there to determine the specific measurable actions and goals that will help me create and achieve that vision. It gave me structure for determining daily habits, creating accountability, and ultimately drive me towards hitting a goal that I had set for almost a year, in 12 weeks!"
- Cody Caswell

This 12-Week Program Includes:


The Art of Goal Setting

Learn how to set one goal and achieve it. Most people set too many goals, overwhelm themselves, and give up. With Emerge you prove to yourself that you got it. Once you reach one goal, you can reach any goal.


A Tribe of Like-minded People

We already talked about the importance of having like-minded people in your tribe. The Emerge community will help you to stay accountable and you will finally meet people who understand you.


Coaching and Support Calls

You don’t have to figure out goal setting alone. Emerge provides accountability and mentorship through the weekly live hangouts.


Long-lasting Habit Building

But how can you make sure to achieve your goal? We support you in creating the right habits that will get you to your desired goal.


Create An Amazing Life All-Around

GoBundance and Emerge don’t focus on business and career alone. We believe in a “whole life” approach that touches all areas of your life. It’s not a “goal-setting course” - it’s a transformation.


Setting & Achieving ONE Keystone Goal

The primary target of Emerge is for you to set one important goal and achieve it over the course of 12 weeks. You’ll discover how to set realistic, yet exciting goals and achieve them in the time frame of 12 weeks. This is a skill for life.

The GoBundance Ecosystem

Emerge isn’t a program that exists in a vacuum. You’ll be part of the big GoBundance ecosystem. This means you’ll be on the path to being connected to 7-figure entrepreneurs and you can follow their paths if you want.

Exclusive Gift Pack

As a token of our appreciation for trusting us with your development, you'll receive an exclusive package thanking you for being a part of Emerge.


How Does the Emerge 12-Week Program Work?

After joining Emerge you get access to:

The Weekly Calls

Every call includes connection with your peers in Emerge and accountability toward your goals. It’s not a ‘learning’ course. It’s a ‘doing’ course. The calls are led by members of Ascend or, at times, millionaires from the GoBundance tribe. You’ll be learning from those who walked the walk before you.

Exclusive Access To Our FB Community

Network, learn together, and keep each other accountable. Many of our past attendees said that the tribe made Emerge different from any program they ever took before. That’s how powerful our Facebook community is.

Additional Resources

We’ll be sending you everything you need to make a life-changing transformation. Leaders are readers, so look forward to exclusive books the course is based on.


Have a Closer Look At The 12 Week Course

Week 1 - Creating Your Vision

In week one you’ll be creating your vision - the powerful driver of your goals. The vision you create can stay the same your whole life or change. Either way, this is a powerful skill for life.

Week 2 - Goal Setting

In week two you get the exact framework to set realistic yet inspiring and exciting goals. Once you understand and apply this system, going after your dreams becomes effortless.

Week 3 - Millionaire Habits

Every millionaire has habits that make them rich and abundant. In week three you discover how to create your millionaire habits.

Week 4 - Effective Planning

A goal needs a plan. Find out how to plan for success in week four.

Week 5 - The Accountability Effect

In week 5 the Elders reveal how powerful accountability really is. You don’t want to miss this one because applying this in your life will be transformational.

Week 6 - The Authenticity Effect

Being authentic will transform your life. Learn how to use the authenticity effect in week 6.

Week 7 - The Influence Effect

In week seven, the Elders reveal the true power of your environment. This session alone is life-changing because most regular people never even consider the power of their environment.

Week 8 - The Multiplier Effect

Bounce your ideas and goal off others and watch them grow. This is what week eight is all about.

Week 9 - The Purpose Effect

In week nine the Elders share deep insights on why money is a byproduct of your purpose. Take this lesson to heart and money will follow.

Week 10 - The Connection Effect

“Connection is the greatest purpose of all.” What does that mean and how does it apply in your life? Find out in week ten.

Week 11 - Bringing It All Together

The last 10 weeks were a wild ride! In week eleven, we bring it all together.

Week 12 - Taking Action

Everything you learn means nothing without taking action. The lesson of week twelve goes beyond the Emerge program.

Emerge was created by the GoBundance Elders who were once in your shoes.

Get to know the faces behind what started it all. Read more on how just three passion-driven people created the tribe to what it is now!

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"My name is John Weber from Lancaster, PA. I've been married to my wonderful wife for 9 years and have been blessed with 2 children. Carson is 4 years old and Gracie is 1 1/2. I've been a manufacturer's rep for 12 years. My colleague and I sell for 10 different manufacturing companies in multiple industries. I also am part owner in a machine shop. I'm an avid golfer and I recently started Custom King Design, LLC manufacturing CNC Milled gold accessories. One of my 2021 goals is to purchase my first investment property! Really looking forward to being a part of this family and growing personally and professionally with everyone."
- John Weber
"Greetings fellow travelers! My name is Steven Lanham and I live in a northern suburb of Chicago. I'm originally from Auckland, New Zealand and have lived in the US since '96. Married for 22 years with two daughters: Madeline (20) and Grace (18).
I'm hitting the big 5-0 this month (although I identify as someone much younger!). I'm a "solopreneur" and own a successful direct mail marketing company supported by a handful of websites. I'm looking to accelerate my personal growth and development, and join alongside other motivated individuals looking to purposely navigate through this thing we call "life". Excited to meet you all!"
- Steve Lanham
"Hi everyone, so nice to meet you! Allison Bridges here from Long Island. I retired my 9-5 a few years ago, was super bored and got into real estate podcasts. To my surprise I found all these great books, fantastic people, and mastermind groups. I focus on multifamily/hotels. I also have a salon business and haircare brand. I joined this group to grow my network and put more though and purpose behind what I'm building. Always happy to look at a deal or help with a business question. I have 4 kids aged 7-16 and am looking forward to traveling again and having new experiences."
- Allison Bridges

Plus, if you join today, you are protected by our… 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

We take our promise to you seriously. If you set a realistic, fulfilling goal and follow along all 12 weeks of the program, you’ll see success. But should that not be the case - if you really don’t see your life transformed and filled with purpose… Contact us within 30 days and we will refund your money. You have nothing to worry about and nothing to lose.

You have nothing to worry about and nothing to lose.

Right now, you have two options.
You can close this page, forget about Emerge and go on with your life. Pretend that you never read this page and try to make it on your own.


Click the button and start an exciting new chapter of your life.
Learn to succeed because you are supported by mentors and the understanding and supportive Emerge tribe. Prove to yourself that achieving goals is easy - once you have the proper skills and tools.
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Questions about Emerge?

Check our FAQs

Emerge is a 12-week program with one cause: help you to set and achieve a goal in 12 weeks. You’ll get the tools, skills, mentorship, and tribe to transform your life.

Emerge was created by the Elders of GoBundance - a high-level group of 7-figure entrepreneurs.

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If you join today, you will get started on your path to becoming a Whole Life Millionaire. You’ll meet people who understand and support you and you will literally emerge.

If you don’t join, your life will go back to normal.

Emerge includes:

  • 12 week course
  • Weekly sessions
  • Access to the exclusive Facebook community
  • All additional resources you need

It’s the perfect mix of mentorship, input, accountability, and action taking.

Yes, Emerge has a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you follow the course material for 30 days and apply the lessons but see no change or benefit, contact us and we’ll refund your membership fee.

Please note: With the refund, you lose the exclusive invitation to the Ascend program.

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