EPISODE 96: Paul Sloate

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Paul’s brief bio
  • About Paul’s love for martial arts
  • Advising businesses, families and individuals on wealth management
  • Paul’s source of income and personal expenses
  • Paul’s life happiness index
  • What Paul does to stay fit and healthy
  • The most poignant moments in Paul’s life
  • Paul’s future greatest hits
  • Plus, so much more!


Paul Sloate

Paul Sloate is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Green Drake Advisors. He has spent over 30 years advising families, individuals, businesses, and institutions on wealth management, wealth planning, and global economics, serving in senior roles with companies such as Wellington Management and BlackRock Financial Management. Mr. Sloate has appeared on TV on numerous occasions to share his expertise with the public and hosted Money Matters TV for many years. In addition to his time given to sharing his knowledge, Mr. Sloate has served on industry bodies such as the Financial Accounting Policy Committee of the Association for Investment Management & Research.

As CEO of Green Drake Advisors, Paul has built the firm upon three Core Principles:

Integrity. We stand as stewards of our Clients hard-won achievements.
Intelligence. We will never compromise quality for quantity.
Passion. Our determination to deliver our clients' goals always stands paramount.

Through these principals, the firm focuses on client goals and needs, leveraging its deep knowledge and expertise, to deliver long term solutions tailored to each family, individual, business, or institution.

Outside of the firm, Paul brings this same approach wherever he goes. Whether serving on a private company board, working with a charity, or educating young adults, Paul focuses on the long-term keys to creating a successful outcome while inculcating the firm's Core Principles of Integrity, Intelligence, and Passion in all those he aids.


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