EPISODE 95: Ryan Paquin

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Ryan’s brief background
  • The catastrophe on 9/11
  • Ryan’s horizontal income and personal expenses
  • Where Ryan puts his money today
  • Ryan’s life happiness index
  • What Ryan’s team structure is like
  • Ryan’s giving back ratio
  • Some of Ryan’s best practices
  • The greatest hits in Ryan’s life
  • Where Ryan wants to be ten years from now
  • Ryan’s answer to the GoBundance app question
  • Plus, so much more!


Ryan Paquin

Ryan Paquin is a passionate, hard-working mortgage consultant and Branch Manager with the brilliant professionals at First Home Mortgage in Crofton, Maryland.

For the past ten incredible years, Ryan has made his forward-thinking mortgage advice readily available to those clients who choose to be financially responsible homeowners. His gorgeous, easy to locate office is located at the intersection of Route 3/301 and Route 450/Defense Highway in Crofton.

Ryan has lived in Maryland since February of 2002. He graduated from Salisbury University in 1999 with a double major in Finance and Marketing. Before moving to Maryland in 2002, Ryan was a trader on the American exchange in New York City.

Ryan and his wife have two beautiful little girls, Kylie and Kenna and a little boy, Brett. Ryan enjoys spending his free time with his wife and kids and coaching soccer. Ryan helped 237 families in 2014, helping more people purchase a home than anyone in the company. He prides himself on being extremely well versed with First Time Home Buying programs.



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