EPISODE 92: Michael Ayala

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Mike’s brief bio
  • How Mike started investing in real estate
  • His percentage ratio
  • Where Mike’s businesses come from
  • What Mike does to stay fit and healthy
  • His horizontal to net worth ratio
  • Mike’s life happiness index
  • What he does to give back to the community
  • What keeps Mike so driven
  • Mike’s strengths and weaknesses
  • The five most poignant moments in Mike’s life
  • His future greatest hits
  • Mike’s biggest business goals
  • Mike answers a random question from the GoBundance app
  • Plus, so much more!

Mike Ayala is the managing partner at Four Peaks Capital Partners and Park PlaceCommunities which currently has 35 manufactured home communities in 13 states. Mike currently oversees the executive team, consisting of operations, acquisitions, investor relations & Finance and administration.

Mike has been active in construction and management since the age of 15. He graduated from the Associated Builders and Contractors 4-year project management program at age 22 and then became a licensed instructor. Shortly thereafter, his first project was the management and oversight of a multi-million-dollar casino remodel. By age 24, Mike founded his first construction company and has been involved with over 2,000 projects totaling over $1 billion, including hospitals, courthouses, federal buildings, casinos, mills, gold-processing facilities, civil projects, multi-family homes, and shopping centers.

Of the companies Mike started, most notable is the construction company that scaled quickly to more than 100 employees and sold at a $12 million valuation, making it onto the Inc. 2009 “2500 Fastest Growing Companies in America” list. In addition to the Four Peaks Portfolio, Mike currently owns 4 mobile home parks, a single-family portfolio, commercial buildings, and landholdings.


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