EPISODE 89: Kevin Swartz

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Kevin’s brief bio
  • What Kevin’s day to day is like
  • What Kevin and his wife’s diet look like
  • Kevin’s life happiness index score
  • Kevin’s horizontal to net worth ratio
  • Kevin’s giving back ratio
  • Where Kevin wants to be in ten years
  • What Kevin’s biggest business goal is
  • Kevin answers a random question from the GoBundance app
  • Plus, so much more!

Kevin Swartz graduated from Washington State University with a BA in International Business and Economics in 1995 and he went on to obtain his JD at the Williamette University College of Law in 1998. Mr. Swartz is admitted to practice before Oregon State Court, Washington State Courts and United States District Courts in these two states.

He has worked on thousands of bankruptcies throughout the course of his career, and he has briefed and argued cases before the Ninth Circuit Bankruptcy Appellate Panel. Attorney Swartz has also appeared before the Oregon State Legislature on multiple occasions advocating for expanded debtor asset protection statutes.

Mr. Swartz is a native son who was born and raised in the Northwest. He has been married to his wife Kristi for over 20 years, and they have two children, Claire and Joe. When he is not hard at work assisting clients at OlsenDaines, he enjoys golf, Mariners baseball, distance running, and quality time with his family and friends.


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