EPISODE 88: Matt Lenza

In this episode, you will learn:

• Matt’s brief bio
• How Matt started investing in real estate
• Matt shares how he learned things the hard way
• Matt’s horizontal to net worth ratio
• Matt’s life happiness index
• What Matt does to stay fit
• Matt’s giving back ratio
• How Matt sees himself ten years from now
• The five greatest events in Matt’s life
• Matt’s future greatest hits
• Matt answers a random question from the GoBundance app
• Plus, so much more!

Matt Lenza is the CEO and Founder of "The Matt Lenza Real Estate Team". Real Estate the way it should be! -- Matt Lenza Real Estate was never a formalized plan. It has been a constant evolution starting with owning a house at just 22 years of age. Early on, trying to see a house around other realtors' schedules simply did not work. Most (if not all) realtors out there simply did not cut it. Therefore, Matt became his own PA agent while still working full-time at Boeing and attending Villanova University for his MBA. The plan then was simply to get into houses as soon as possible. This worked better than expected and Matt was about to leave his Boeing engineering job and became a full-time agent. From there, Matt grew his team and expanded his operation into the state of DE. In several years, Matt grew the business organically through referrals and slowly made a name for himself as "The agent that treats every purchase as an investment". A real estate transaction is all about negotiations. The Matt Lenza Team time and time again proved themselves as a team that truly cares about saving you money.


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