EPISODE 82: Jamie Gruber

In this episode, you will learn:

• Jamie’s brief bio
• Jamie’s income and total expenses
• What drives Jamie
• What Jamie does to stay fit
• How Jamie sets the right examples for his kids
• Jamie’s give back ratio and what he does to give back
• Jamie’s strengths and weaknesses
• The five greatest hits in Jamie’s life
• Jamie’s bucket list items
• Jamie’s ultimate lifestyle goals
• Jamie answers a random question from the GoBundance app
• Plus, so much more!

Jamie is the Principal and Managing Partner of CF Asset Group. He is responsible for sourcing deals, ensuring asset performance and overseeing its management.

Jamie is an experienced real estate investor and insurance executive currently residing in southeastern Michigan.

A native of New York and former resident of Boston, Jamie has invested in both states and currently owns five units in New York State. He has experience with rehab, renovation and property management. Jamie is turning his attention to the Michigan multifamily market and sees an opportunity to provide clean affordable housing to local residents. He is married to Silvia since 2010 and is the proud father of two boys - Sebastian and Julian.

Jamie is also the host of the Multifamily and More Podcast.


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