EPISODE 79: Joe Colasuonno

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Joe’s brief background
  • How Joe started in the real estate business
  • How Joe buys at 25% below market rates
  • What Joe does to exercise and stay healthy
  • The five past greatest hits in Joe’s life
  • Joe’s five future goals
  • Plus, so much more!

Joe Colasuonno is a young entrepreneur born in suburban New Jersey. He graduated college with Chemistry and a Math major. Towards the end of his college career, Joe discovered his passion in entrepreneurship and started a few small businesses. He bought a 31-unit apartment building in Allentown, Pennsylvania which started his journey. Since then, he built his portfolio with his younger brother with focus on heavy rehabs. They manage everything in-house and own a construction company and a property management company. Joe considers himself a real entrepreneur at heart and loves everything about building and optimizing a business.



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