Ascend by GoBundance


Creating Future Millionaires

Through Proximity And Accountability


You’ve come far. You went through the 12 weeks of Emerge. You stayed accountable, acquired the skills for success, made new meaningful connections, and reached your first milestone. 


But this is only the beginning of your journey. Are you ready to Ascend?


If you are here it means you showed us that you are serious about your results. That you are on your way to becoming healthier, wealthier, and more abundant in all areas of your life.


Maybe it’s been your dream to join GoBundance - but until now it felt out of reach. Well, not anymore. Ascend is your direct path to GoBundance, the tribe of millionaires.


Ascend is an annual mastermind - but it’s also so much more. 

It’s an ongoing experience, your new community, second family and your home to grow and become all you can. We are an intimate community that keeps each other accountable on the path to becoming a whole-life millionaire.

Ascend is in close proximity to GoBundance to help you further your growth in all areas that matter to you. 

Ascend is where we help you to go from starter to pro. We provide the content, materials, and accountability you need. You provide the will to grow, an abundant mindset, and self-ownership.

Ascend is your direct path to GoBundance and becoming a Whole Life Millionaire 


Five Values Of Ascend Are:

Community - Fellowship - Intimacy - Accountability - Proximity


An Ever-Expanding Library Of Courses 

All courses and masterclasses are based on the six pillars. Learn and implement the strategies from the content library to ascend in life. These are the core skills to build wealth. Here is a sneak peek of the skills you’ll develop. 

  • Winning in life with a killer morning routine
  • Budgeting for success and wealth
  • Multiplying your money through investments
  • Powerful personal development rituals
  • Building habits that serve your ideal life
  • Leveraging your core values for growth 


Monthly GB9 Challenge

The GB9 is a 9-minute fitness test. We’ll use this to determine your progress in the “age-defying health” pillar. Everything we do in Ascend is designed to support you in the 6 pillars you are already familiar with.


Monthly Challenges

Look forward to monthly challenges like meditations which we are going to track with the spar app. You’ll achieve major milestones in a fun, gamified way.


One Sheets

You are already familiar with this GoBundance staple. Your unique “baseball card,” which lets you track your stats, quarterly goals, buckets list, and more. 


Bi-Annual Ascend Mastermind Events

All events organized by the GoBundance tribe are known to be highly magnetizing. Events create a spike in your growth like nothing else. The bi-annual events will revolve around the 6-pillars and you’ll get to meet your fellow Ascenders and GoBundance members.


Weekly Millionaire Case Studies

Emerge members kept asking for it! Each week, a GoBundance Elder or member comes on and share their success secrets with you. You'll get a chance to hear from those who have been on your path before.


Weekly Motivation

Even if you are a committed go-getter, it’s not easy to stay motivated. But that’s what Ascend is for. We provide accountability. The weekly motivation sessions help you to start and end your weeks off strong. 


Pillar Killer Awards 

For those who achieve high level of success, you will be recognized each month by the tribe. Winner will be entered to win our quarterly Ascending start nomination.


Ascend GoPods

The GoPods are where you get to know your fellow Ascend members on a deep, personal level. Show up as your authentic self and benefit from each other’s vulnerability. The GoPods are also a space of extreme accountability. Your brothers and sisters make your success their success, and the other way round.


Quarterly Ascending Star Nomination

The Ascending Star gets a full scholarship for the tuition of the next Gobundance Mastermind. You'll be in close proximity to the millionaires of the Gobundance men's or women's tribe.

Live and breathe the Ascend values to qualify.



Now, Ascend is a tightly knit community of people who are seriously committed. We don’t allow just anyone to join - you have to qualify.


How do you know whether you qualify to join Ascend? You…

  • Graduated from Emerge
  • Completed 12/12 weeks
  • Showed us you are accountable
  • Added value to the Emerge community
  • Showed us you are in integrity
  • Stayed true to the core values of GoBundance and Emerge

If you tick these boxes, you are ready to apply. Here’s what will happen next:

  1. You’ll be evaluated by the committee
  2. You’ll be placed in a launch unit
  3. You’ll consult with an Ascend representative
  4. Finally, you’ll be asked to sign our “Big Boy/Big Girl Clause” that guarantees you’ll stay true to our core values


After clearing these 4 steps, you are ready for onboarding. This will include a 20-minute presentation of your One Sheet within a GoBro/GBW pod and an onboarding launch call.


Important: If you aren’t ready to take all of these steps - don’t apply.


But if you are ready to stay accountable, commit to your growth, and show up as your real, vulnerable self - then you are invited to join.

Join Today!

When you join Ascend, you are in for your one-year journey to GoBundance. Yet, since you are an Emerge member, we are taking $500 off your initial investment. Which means… But should that not be the case - if you really don’t see your life transformed and filled with purpose… Contact us within 30 days and we will refund your money. You have nothing to worry about and nothing to lose.

Unsure? You Are Backed Up By Our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

We truly want to see you succeed and we believe that you will be thrilled with your results after joining Ascend. But should you really be unhappy, let us know within 30 days and we give you your money back. If you pay in monthly installments, you can cancel with 30 days notice.and give up. With Emerge you prove to yourself that you got it. Once you reach one goal, you can reach any goal.

Remember when you joined Emerge?

You had a choice. A choice to hustle and struggle to become a whole-life-millionaire on your own. Or to take the proven, enjoyable route...

You have the same choice today. You can close this page, forget that Ascend exists and go your own way. 


You join Ascend today, stay in a true tribe of like-minded people, keep working on the 6-pillars, and learn from true mentors who are at the level in life where you want to be.


Questions about Ascend?

Check our FAQs

Ascend is an annual mastermind membership program designed to help Emerge members to grow even further. The purpose of Ascend is to help you on your journey to becoming a whole-life-millionaire and to join GoBundance when you are ready.

Finishing Emerge is the first requirement to be able to join Ascend. But you also need to live the core values of Emerge, Ascend, and GoBundance. So, finishing the 12 weeks of Emerge is no guarantee to get accepted.

Focus on Emerge first. You need to emerge before you ascend. The Ascend program opens once every quarter, so you can join after you went through all 12 weeks.

If you don’t join today, you have to wait another 3 months for Ascend to open again. We don’t recommend waiting. Right now you are on your path, you joined the community, you reached your first goal - don’t stop now.

Ascend includes a growing library of resources, weekly case studies, weekly motivation, GoPods for deeper connection, Bi-weekly events and so much more. It’s focused on the 6 pillars you got to now in Emerge. We provide you with accountability and the possibility to learn from someone with a bigger net-worth. You’ll learn from those who already walked the walk.

Yes, if you pay the annual membership in full, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you pay monthly, you can cancel within the first 30 days.

It’s easy to join. Simply click or tap the button and fill in your information. Your application will then be evaluated.

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