What Our Members Are Saying About GoBundance

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

“If you are part of this group you are part of a great organization. Go GoBundance!!”

-Robert Kiyosaki
New York Times Best Selling Author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad”
Personally owns over 6,000 homes
Keynote Speaker at GoBundance Tribal Gathering 2015

“What a great idea GoBundance is! It’s been great to get to know all of you and Thank You for hosting me as the keynote for such an amazing event!”

-Robert Herjavec
Founder of The Herjavec Group
100 million plus yearly sales
Star of ABC’s Shark Tank
Keynote Speaker of Gobundance Tribal Gathering 2016

Being a football player and not really spending time or having an education on how money works and “how money can work for me” its been amazing the amount of information I was able to get from my GoBundance Brothers this week. I’ve learned that horizontal income beats vertical income all day long”.
– Ricky Williams
GoBundance Brother #9
Heisman Trophy Winner
“12 Year” NFL player
Television Football Analyst
Star of “Celebrity Apprentice”

“WOW – I’ve been do TONS of Masterminds & CEO events – and this one blew me away. The group was top notch. Their vulnerability and willingness to share & hold each other accountable was exceptional. And their format of doing activities during the day and business at night totally lives career / life balance in such a unique way. I had to become a member too.”

– Cameron Herold
GoBundance Brother #188
Former COO of 1-800-GotJunk
Founder COO Alliance
Best Selling Author of Double Double & Meetings Suck

“Like minded people create a third mind that is more powerful, and sustainable for results than your mind on it’s own, 1+1 = 11.
I owe great success to GoBundance, in improved health, wealth, and adventure!”


-Rock Thomas

“Here is what I have learned from this amazing tribe.  You can have it all. You can have financial freedom, amazing health, be a giver, have amazing relationships and do really cool stuff. You can have it all.  This tribe is proof of that. I have always thought ‘I’ll focus on this and then focus on that.’  Being at an event ( super powerful ) I saw men of all walks of life who have it all or are working towards it. I will accomplish this as well as the rest of my goals because I see that it is possible!”

-Dan Grieb

“I am so psyched about what I experienced in Orlando that I can say with confidence that this commitment isn’t going away any time soon. So don’t be concerned about that. On the other hand, the “fire” came close to going out once and I’m not foolish enough to think that it can’t happen again. I totally buy into the need to immerse myself with a group like GoBundance.”

-Tom Calvaneso

“Can I just say that I am honored to be a part of this group. Meeting different people that are a part of this tribe and hearing of their goals and aspirations is inspiring to say the least.”

-Sam Wegert

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