The Gobundance system is a simple set of plans for you to implement and follow to…


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GoBundance Pilars

Pillar #1 – Age-Defying Health:

Being in peak physical condition.  Eating right daily and exercising vigorously on a regular basis, fueling an incredible life.

Pillar #2 – Authentic Relationships:

A tribe of men where you can make lasting relationships with like-minded individuals who are there to help build you up and to keep you accountable to your goals and ambitions.

Pillar #3 – Bucket List Adventures:

Getting “life’s goods” on the highest level. Whether that be running with the bulls, climbing Kilimanjaro, or doing scuba in Aruba, knocking off YOUR truly inspiring bucket list items makes a life worth living, and it inspires you to greater things so you can nail more bucket list items.

Pillar #4: – Extreme Accountability:

Having a community of peer partners that will stand with you to make sure you follow through on your commitments. They will hold you accountable to your goals and ambitions as you will hold them to their intentions also.

Pillar #5 – Genuine Contribution:

Giving back to your community and the world in a meaningful way gives one a great sense of purpose and helps to complete the Gobundance circle of growth.  It also helps the world be a better place, and you a better person.

Pillar #6 – Horizontal Income:

Being aware that it’s “not what you make, but WHAT YOU DO WITH WHAT YOU MAKE” that will build a lifetime of wealth for you to implement all of the other Gobundance pieces.

GoBundance Tools

Developed to help you succeed

GoBundance tools help our members to constantly be aware of where they are in life and what they need help on.  Some tools that we provide to our members are:

  • One Sheet
  • 5 Future Greatest Hits
  • 5 Year Vision
  • Bucket List
  • Business and Life Goals
  • Horizontal Income
  • Last Years Highlights
  • Net Work Calculator
  • Personal Rating Balance Wheel
  • Your Life Happiness Index

By taking a step back, analyzing where you are in life, and making a compelling plan for your future you are taking action towards making YOUR “magnificent life.”

These are available FREE for members or for purchase in the GoBundance Bundle for non-members.

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