Summer Tribal Gathering

Summer_Austin_Poster (1)

First Annual Summer Tribal Gathering in Austin, Texas!! The event Kicked off on Saturday, September 9th at 5 pm and concluded on Monday, September 11th at 10 pm.

In addition to taking advantage of beautiful Austin outdoors for some adventure, the tribe took some time to purposefully mastermind.


  • September 9th  – “Happy Hour” Appetizers and Drinks.
  • September 10th – 11th Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner were provided. 
  • Also, an outdoor activity, guest speaker, and masterminding.


Trip Highlights:

Speaker, Andy Fastow- Andy is the former CFO of Enron who spent 6 years in Federal Prison. As you might imagine, Andy’s view of ethics has changed a bit through his experience, and he shared his perspective on ethics and morality with our group. If you’ve ever listened to Andy speak, you know first hand that it’s is a life-changing experience.

Speaker, Tucker Max- You probably know him as the raw and sometimes offensive author of “Hope they Serve Beer in Hell,” but he is also a master entrepreneur in the publishing space. Ever thought of writing a book? If so, this guy will show you the way, and he is not going to be polite about it.

Multi-Family Investment Panel- Featuring GoBundance Brothers, Michael Hananel, Andrew Cushman, and Hans Box. We listened to these masters, who collectively own thousands of multi-family units across the country, talk about one of the most popular assets among our GoBros.

GoTank- It’s back and better than ever!! Witness David Osborn, Chris Stonk, and other champions listen to “start-ups” pitched to them in the GoTank. 

Surfing @ NLand Surf Park- In between speakers, the tribe and guest are going to be trying out the country’s only true man-made surf park created by Coor’s heir, Doug Coors. Whether you’re a pro or a newbie they have waves of all sizes to create an amazing experience for all levels. They also have lessons available and will have you surfing within about 15 minutes of jumping in the water. To learn more, visit their website.